Casualty & Liability

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What we do

Single Project Nominations, Annual Policies, Excess Layer / Captive, Direct Instruction

Liability losses without detailed knowledge or adequate investigations can result in rising costs or incorrect decisions being made.

The landscape of liability losses has somewhat changed, but more so than ever, there is an essential need to understand the legal matters that may arise, ensure swift and appropriate investigations and manage costs.

We offer a trusted and pragmatic service, demonstrating industry leading expertise in understanding complex legal liability matters across public, employers and product liability, through investigation, evaluation, mediation and settlement stages.

RHP's team have extensive knowledge of legal matters and are able to assist with forensic investigations in order to reach an early conclusion as to legal liability and manage claims and costs to ensure a swift and economic resolution.

What we've done

  • Non-neg damage to neighbouring Grade II listed property £450k
  • TPPD fire due to hot works £1.1m
  • Injury to minor at PFI school £15k

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