Our Story

Why We Do What We Do

Rick Hartley formed RHP in 1999, bringing together respected experts to allow Rick and the team the freedom to provide and maintain a level of personal attention to clients, which he recognised was being sorely missed within the industry.

The founding principles at the core of the business and the reasons why we do what we do, is to fulfil our commitment and desire to ensure we provide the best possible solutions every time within the specialist sectors we operate in. The aim of RHP is not to compete with the scale of the larger firms, but to offer the level of service where we maintain a direct relationship with our clients, keep and fulfil promises, and always be available to communicate. In the constraints of the industry, it was felt that too often there was a culture of barriers rather than allowing forward thinking industry experts the ability to solve problems.

More than 20 years later, the principles in which the business was devised remains our core approach, which has meant we continue to stand out and deliver what we promise. Free of the burdens of the corporate culture, RHP was able to focus on building those client relationships, earning trust and confidence that we can consistently produce an agile service with the utmost technical knowledge.

We continue to offer a tailor-made response to each loss, avoiding barriers through processes which we know only serve to slow the service. We ensure our team comprises forward-thinking industry experts, who can rely on their experience, knowledge, and flexibility to create solutions.

Today, we at RHP have cultivated a culture where we believe that to offer the personal approach to the sectors we know and understand the best, we must consistently maintain the high standards we set for ourselves. Ensuring we evaluate and challenge what we do, how it needs to be done and how we deliver the best outcome, making sure we continuously improve where we can, and remain unwavering in remembering why we do what we do.

As RHP continues to grow from strength to strength, attracting plaudits on our swift response, technical excellence, flexible methodology and amongst all our personalised approach, we remain committed to always delivering solutions to complex matters and doing so with the best possible service. Attracting experienced personnel who understand and uphold our principles, we remain dedicated to fulfilling our promises when we are called upon.