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What we do

Cyber Specific Annual Policies, Extensions available under Computer and Engineering Policies.

Cyber is a risk which business across all sectors face, with risks continuing to grow as we are ever more technically dependant.

A comprehensive understanding of the technical causes and issues, policy coverage and legal principles is essential to ensure the correct outcome during a cyber attack.

IBM suggested around 95% of all cyber attacks are due to human error. Whilst this is a stark reminder on the fragile balance between reliance on technology and human input, it means cyber attacks are difficult to plan against.

From failing to install a new patch on an operating system or software, which can allow a known vulnerability to be exploited, or allowing a username and password to become compromised allowing malicious access to the network, business face the threat of an attack due to an error every day.

At the point of crisis during a cyber attack, whether a significant ransomware attack, mailbox comprise or denial of service, experienced and knowledge response is critical to assist with the crisis planning and insurance response.

RHP are able to provide immediate incident response services or post-loss cost analysis and business interruption quantification.

What we've done

  • Business Interruption to Delivery Company £1.5m
  • Business Email Compromise to Retail Business £150k
  • Ransomware to global Pharmaceutical Company and Business Interruption $6m
  • Ransomware to UK College £900k
  • Data Breach to Health Clinic £700k
  • Ransomware to financial services business $12m

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