Energy Construction

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What we do

Single Project Nominations, Annual All Risks Policies, Reinsurance

Construction within the energy sector produces some of the most complex issues. We provide the experience to offer a first-class response.

We understand that not all construction risks at the same. Identifying the necessity of applying our industry respected knowledge of the operational phases of power and energy sector, makes RHP uniquely placed to align that knowledge with our construction expertise to ensure the needs of the client is fully understood, allowing us to achieve the best outcomes.

Our familiarity with the sector allows us a distinctive advantage to understand the demands and exigencies of the operators and construction managers, benefiting an ability to tailor our approach, and engage with the key stakeholders on each individual claim.

From a wind or solar farm, to hydro power station or amendments to an existing gas or coal fired facility, the risks during construction differ dramatically than standard domestic or commercial developments. Projects are often large in scale and can take many years to complete.

RHP provide the experience and expertise to offer confidence should a loss occur during the construction of an energy project.

What we've done

  • Theft of cabling from new solar farm and delay in completion £300k
  • Explosion at biomass site under construction £800k
  • Storm damage to nuclear facility under construction £3m
  • Various losses at new build power station £15m+

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