Latent Defects

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Structural warranty or defects type policies are often misunderstood. It is imperative to rely on experienced experts who understand the cover and the built-environment

Latent defects insurance, also known as structural defects, building guarantee or structural warranty insurance offers property owners' protection against any defects that arise in the structure of the building that were not apparent at the time of purchase or construction. Coverage is generally on a 10-year period, and insures against structural instability, defects in design, workmanship or materials used in construction, or a threat of imminent collapse. Cover is also provided for the ingress of water through the envelope of the building.

Claims are often complex as the policies tend to have strict definitions on what is considered an insured event and includes many exclusions which have to be considered. Accordingly, the right experience is required to handle these claims.

RHP's team of experts have proven knowledge of understanding the complex array of coverage issues that commonly arise, in parallel with extensive understand of building construction, codes and regulations, but most importantly, the ability to manage the claimants.

What we've done

  • Impact by Third Party Driver to Retail Shop £90k
  • Flood to Sports Ground £500k
  • Theft of Computer Equipment from Business £120k
  • Escape of Water to Multiple Apartments £650k
  • Covid related Business Interruption to Hotel £200k
  • Fire damage to Factory and associated Business Interruption £800k

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