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What we do

Annual Policy, Excess Layer / Captive, Direct Instruction

Dealing with claims arising from railway operations require a specialist knowledge not found within the field of general loss adjusting.

At RHP we possess that degree of expertise, built up over 20 years of relevant experience.

David Roberts and Mike Gresty have been involved in some of the most significant incidents that have occurred on or adjacent to railway infrastructure, including major derailments, bridge strikes, accidents in worksites involving multiple fatalities, damage to a variety of locomotives (in current production and ‘heritage stock’), and specialist freight wagons. They are both veterans in dealing in claims against railway parties by members of the public, in particular, claims for nuisance.

Investigating losses of this type requires a detailed understanding of how work on the railway is procured, priced and organised, and necessitates familiarity with industry specific contract forms and agreements. Our practical expertise in this regard puts us in a singular position in relation to property, liability and performance regime losses.

Those concerned with the insurance of rail related risks can be confidence of our ability to deliver the best outcome for all parties.

What we've done

  • Collision and Derailment of Engineering Train in Work Site 🔗
  • Derailment at the entrance to a major London terminus.
  • Investigation of a multiple fatality incident in a work site.
  • Claim for performance regime losses from accidental disconnection of power to signalling equipment by a contractor working on the lineside.

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