Waste to Energy

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What we do

Construction, Property Damage, Breakdown and Business Interruption, Reinsurance

The Waste to Energy (WtE) sector has suffered from a number of large losses in recent years.

Accordingly, Insurers are becoming more selective over the risks they accept, and those they are prepared to select, are taking a more robust technical approach.

RHP has considerable experience in the WtE sector and handled a number of large and technical losses.

Fire is a considerable risk in respect of WtE, whether due to self-heating, thermal runaway in incorrectly disposed batteries or human error, increasingly, we are seeing more losses associated with human activity or defective construction, design and materials.

Utilising our technical abilities and years of experience, we are able to provide comprehensive investigations and assessment as to the extent and adequacy of fire protection and detection within the facility, boiler thermodynamic management, defective design and management, and the standard transformer and steam turbine risks.

RHP understand these risks from construction through to operational. Each loss we will ensure a thorough investigation into cause, consider risk improvements and lessons learnt, and assist in mitigating the Insured's losses

What we've done

  • Damage to EfW plant during DLP £2m
  • Damage to retaining wall during construction, anaerobic digestion plant £1m
  • Corrosion to steelwork during construction of multi-fuel plant £100k
  • Fire and BI at operational WtE combustion site £4m

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